Starting out

Here we go…

Been freaking for a couple of days about luggage and shit… I decide to upgrade to an Exit seat with room for feet and sleep and stuff….but I can’t.

I begin to become a little outraged.  What??  Am I not capable??  Is it because I’m a woman??  A decidedly older woman??  Okay not old…older… I try all the other seats, nope,nope,nope.

I am fucking capable of getting everyone off this plane safely, darn it. AND I rock at the pointing out of exits, back, side and front.  So I call up Air Canada and am greeted by Sebastien.  Sebastien lets me know you can only upgrade 48 hours in advance.  I might have suggested THAT nugget of info be posted.

Self-esteem firmly back in place, I enquire about luggage.  Seb ( we are on cool-dude first names now), sounds vaguely horrified at the amount of luggage I have and gently breaks it to me that I can only check one bag, since I am *ahem, economy.

I am resigned to paying 225 dollars and 2 goats to actually get my luggage to Kuwait.

  1. Print tags.  Luggage is right through to Kuwait.  This sounds small but if I had to get my luggage and fucking haul it from Terminal 2 to Terminal 4 in Heathrow, someone would die.  I mean you have to take a 20 minute train to Terminal 4.  Score.
  2. Lovely little totally stressed girl says 2 massive over stuffed bags?  No probs…would you also like to check your massively overstuffed cabin baggage right through as well for free?   Hells ya!!!!
  3. Now I’ am here 2 hours to chill, one small bag and wearing what are really pyjamas, because I will be flying…alot.

Photo on 2018-08-20 at 5.44 PM #2

Until the next time my friends…. cheers lovelies.

4 thoughts on “Starting out

  1. Oh Julie…..I always have and always will admire you! Only you would look so hot with a glass of wine wearing no make up and pajamas! We’re with you in spirit sistah!


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