Stranger in a strange land

Forgive me for any errors (and also the copyright infringement on the title 😉). This is on my phone, while I slowly drink my coffee in Starbucks.

Around 12:30 Wednesday morning  is when I arrived “home” after traveling since Monday.  Immediately slept for 13 hours.  I so regret not paying the exorbitant  amount to ship my pillows and feather bed. I wake up at 2 pm yesterday and need coffee. Big need. I stumble outside. It’s 45. It’s a dry heat so it only feels like 43. It’s great. Really.

I ask some poor random man where to get a coffee.  I think I look fairly unhinged and he points and mumbles “ hotel”. Okay. Shakraan mister.

I walk into the hotel and I am the only Westerner. Furthermore, everyone is in traditional dress only. It’s amazing how immediately uncomfortable I feel. Not that anyone was rude or staring or disapproving. Not at all. I just felt different.  Almost exposed even though my clothes covered everything that respectfully should be covered 😉 A little insight to how immigrants may feel in some of our more homogenous societies

I end up at Burger King  Coffee is surprisingly good  I pay with the asshole equivalent of a hundred dollar bill because that’s all I have

My change is confusing  Our school mandoub ( the guy who does EVERYTHING) drillsme on currency math  I tell him I haven’t had enough coffee to multiply yet and fuck it  I’m paying by credit until the jet lag passes

I go shopping for food and stuff  Not only does someone unload my cart to the conveyor, they also push my cart out

I learn how to use my gas stove

I learn to jury rig the three prong to accept 2

I realize I’m gonna get fat on chocolate pistachio buns and better find a gym

I also learned that jet lag takes more than a day to go away

Oh  and when they stopped laughing, apparently I will be able to find a bike 🙄

I’m off in search of a coffee maker Bought a Turkish one, but I need practice Until then



4 thoughts on “Stranger in a strange land

  1. Love this blog, Julie! Keep the entries coming. You have a way of sharing your experiences so that it makes me feel as if I am there…



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