Not 30 anymore

Met up with the other Grade 3 teacher (actually now the Grade 1 teacher, they forgot to tell her…) a couple days ago.  She is also new.  When they sent out when we wanted to arrive, we both decided asap in order to get ourselves a bit settled.

So, natch, we team up to scout stuff out.

Wait.  She’s 32 and I’m 52.


I gaze at her through bleary jet lagged eyes.

Didn’t we just walk around in the 48 degree heat for 5 hours at the Souk, several stores and a mosque?

Ya, but it’s only 10 pm…

See, this is the thing.  Kuwaiti culture during the summer starts mega early (if you are so inclined, and nothing happens all day until 8pm minimum, when parents take their kids bike riding in the dark, people eat around 9, the coffee shops start hopping around 10 ( that’s a whole other blog on pick up joints) and people go shopping.

My old and tired teacher’s ass wants to be IN BED!! Where it belongs, awaiting the 3 am call to prayer…There are different prayer guys.  There is “I don’t care if you”re asleep, you get your ass out of bed and pray RIGHTNOW” guy and “Hey…I know it’s late and I’m sorry to disturb you but love and peace dude, give thanks” guy. It’s totally weird and wholly fascinating.

Walking in on prayer by mistake ( someone thought my classroom was empty) feels like I’ve just interrupted something so private and wonderful that it stuns me.  Especially as I do not consider myself as a person who gives religion a second thought.

I guess it is just a question of respect.  Something that begins, I think, in having respect for yourself, loving yourself and going from there.

I have so many things to tell you, but tomorrow is Student Day 1, so I have to prepare final lessons.

Always open to comments and questions.

Here’s to surviving tomorrow, Inshallah 😉


8 thoughts on “Not 30 anymore

  1. Glad to see you’re settling in and your blog is up and running.
    Day 1 with your new class will be awesome 😎
    Thinking about you and sending you nothing but great big positive vibes 💕


  2. I assume it’s due to the heat of why nothing happens for several hours in the middle of the day. But what do they do? Can’t wait to hear about your class!


  3. I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures, however mundane you think they may be. Thank you for doing a blog to keep us all updated on how life is on the other side. Would love to hear how you came to make the decision on why you decided to start this adventure!


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